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A devotee was feeling very troubled by all the horrible rumours that have been circulating in recent months about Sai Baba.  He felt that it was so sad that Divine energies were being denigrated by all the unproved stories being spread by the media.  He was wondering how to reply to them when a friend phoned him and relayed to him the following story.  The friend said that only last week the former vice chancellor of Sai Baba’s college was giving a talk to their Sai Baba group in Connecticut and he had related this story.

 The vice chancellor said that recently he was sitting on Sai Baba’s veranda in the ashram in Puttaparthi next to a very important Indian politician.  Sai Baba came by and called the politician by name and asked him to come into his private interview room.  The man went inside and came out ten minutes later sobbing.  Then the sobbing turned into deep uncontrolled crying.  Sai Baba came by and said to the man “What’s wrong?”.  Then Sai Baba waved his hand and made some vibhuti (sacred ash) and gave it to the man who took it and ate it.  A short time afterwards when the man had regained his composure he turned to the vice chancellor and said “Because you have witnessed all of this, I will explain it to you.”

 The politician explained that his wife had been very sick and she had told him that she wanted to go to see Sai Baba for one last look, for the very last time.  However the politician had been very busy and while he was away his wife died.  All this had happened ten days previously and the man was now coming to see Sai Baba after cremating his wife.  When Sai Baba came into the interview room, the man said, Sai Baba had scolded him and had reminded him what a wonderful wife he had had, of how she took care of his every need,  cooked his food,  looked after the house, even to laying out his clothes etc.  But when she had made her one last request to be taken to see Sai Baba, he had been too busy.  Sai Baba then said “I went to her and I comforted her, and now she is with me. Here I will let you see her now.”  At that moment the man’s wife emerged from inside Sai Baba and stood as a live being in front of him, no longer appearing thin and sickly.  She smiled and took his hand and said “Do not be sad, do not grieve for me, I am happy, happy.”  Then the man’s wife merged again inside Sai Baba.

 I tell you this beautiful story, because it seemed to come as an answer, just when I was thinking how best to answer the question concerning all the bad rumours about Sai Baba that were circulating.  It seemed to me that this was what I would call a synchronous wink from the Lord to help me have an answer to all these questions.  I think the story speaks volumes.