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It was in 1968 that Dorothy Smith, a spiritual medium of great experience and the minister of a spiritualist church in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, in the USA, was on a working holiday in London, England, lecturing at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in Belgrave Square.  At one of the talks that she gave there she saw David Jevons and Ann Toye sitting in the audience.  Now Dorothy had known Ann for several years in the USA but this was the first time that she had met David and, more importantly, seen them together.  She intuitively felt that they were destined to marry and she was inspired by her inner voice to offer them a channelling.  In this channelling, held some weeks later in her apartment in Brighton, she went into a deep trance, which permitted a Master from the White Brotherhood on the higher realms of life to speak through her.  Master Light, for that was the pseudonym of the Master who spoke through her, told David and Ann that they were soul affinities, who were destined to marry in this life, and that they had agreed before they came down into physical incarnation to work together in order to ground a spiritual point of consciousness on the Earth.  However several months were to pass by before their souls were able to overcome their strong personality resistance to this amazing revelation!  Then, responding to deep, intuitive feelings, David Jevons and Ann Toye married in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, in the USA, on March 27th 1970.  This ceremony marked the beginning of their spiritual work together and was responsible for the birth of Ramala, the name coming from the common part of their soul names, which were given to them by Master Light in their marriage blessing.  Ramala was the name, the spiritual umbrella, under which they chose to disseminate their spiritual understandings, because in the early days all the teachings were published anonymously.  Ramala is not the source of the teachings.  It is only the name of the organisation that is responsible for disseminating the teachings.     

 Only a few months after their marriage David and Ann began to channel spiritual teachings received from a higher plane of consciousness.  The Ramala Teachings, as they became to be known, were at first circulated only amongst close friends, but soon they began to arouse a wider interest.  Leaflets and booklets were then produced, leading to the publication in 1978 of their first book The Revelation of Ramala.  Due to popular demand, a second book, The Wisdom of Ramala, was published in 1986, followed by a third book, The Vision of Ramala, in 1991.  These books have also been published in the German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Danish languages and have gained wide acceptance all over the world.   It is said that the test of a good book is whether or not it still has appeal after ten years, i.e. to the next generation.  The Ramala trilogy has been reprinted several times, is still in demand today and is transforming the lives of spiritual seekers thirty years after the first book was published.  Why have the Ramala Teachings struck a chord in so many people?  A glance inside any one of the books will reveal the answer.  There you will find a simplicity of language rare in esoteric books.  The mystical, the cosmical, the spiritual, the everyday problems of life are all embraced in terms which both the established seeker and the beginner will be able to understand.  The Ramala teachings give a clear explanation of the reality of life on the Earth, of the divine forces that overshadow our lives and of the evolutionary path on which Humanity is set.  They also offer valuable insights on the current state of the world and warn of the trials and tribulations that will almost inevitably occur if Humanity does not change its ways.  Some of the Ramala prophecies have already come to pass.



 In the early days David and Ann Jevons used to disseminate the Ramala Teachings by post from their home in England under the name of The Ramala Society.  However, as their readership expanded rapidly and as the desire for a personal contact with the channels began to manifest, it became obvious that they had to change their modus operandi.  So in 1975 they moved to Glastonbury, Somerset, in England, the ancient Isle of Avalon, where they bought the old manor house known as Chalice Hill House.  The Ramala Society put down its roots in this sacred place and became The Ramala Centre.  During the next 22 years countless numbers of spiritual seekers walked through its front door to make contact with the channels of the Ramala Teachings and to obtain a better understanding of their message for Humanity.  Regular meditations, channellings and counselling sessions were held.  Seminars and workshops were given.  David and Ann travelled extensively all over the world, from Alaska to Australia, from Antigua to The Netherlands, talking about their spiritual understandings.  They operated Chalice Hill House as a spiritual retreat centre, a place of pilgrimage, and became accustomed to welcoming over 5,000 visitors a year.  They created and led a small community of like-minded people to help run the centre and to demonstrate the right practice of the Ramala Teachings.  All of this took place whilst they were fulfilling their normal physical duties, Ann as the mother of three children and David as an airline pilot with British Airways.

                In 1989 the channelling process stopped after almost twenty years of continuous communication.  The Ramala teachers gave two reasons for this action.  Firstly, if the teacher is always present to give support, then the student will never learn to stand on his or her own two feet.  Secondly, it is self-evident that all forms of channelling promote duality or separation from God.  The source of a channelling is nearly always defined as being separate from God, as being a servant or a messenger of God.  This very process encourages people to look without rather than within, yet the path to the Godhead is an inner not an outer journey along which the ‘I’ and God merge to become ‘we’ and, finally, ‘one’.  The ultimate source of all truth, all wisdom all guidance is to be found within, not without.  Channelling can only be a stepping-stone along this path to ‘oneness’.  David and Ann recognise that although the channelling process was a vital and necessary part of their spiritual awakening, it was not an end in itself.  For them channelling was a beginning rather than an ending.  It was not without significance that in 1987 they had made their first journey out to India to meet Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who is one of the greatest living exponents of the ancient Vedantic Tradition which teaches that all is One and that all separation from the Godhead is an illusion.



 In 1996, after over a quarter of a century of continual service, David and Ann Jevons began to feel the need for a change.  Being in their sixties, they became aware that the physical and the financial demands of running a community and a ten bedroom residential centre were too great and too time consuming for them.  They realised that the physical outer world was restricting their inner journey.   So in 1997 David and Ann sold Chalice Hill House and were inspired to move to British Columbia, in Canada.  They now live in Penticton on a little farm overlooking Lake Okanagan, some 400kms east of Vancouver.  They do still travel around North America, to give talks about their spiritual understandings and life experiences and they are always ready to meet like-minded people to talk about their spiritual journey.  They can be contacted either by letter or by e-mail.   Today the Ramala Centre's work is carried out solely through the Ramala website.